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There's a ton of talent behind this little box.

Your work can shape our future.

Everyone loves TV, but not everyone can create the future of TV. That’s what we’re doing at Roku.

This is your chance to join us and help lead an entire industry. We’re the #1 streaming player, and we got that way by hiring the smartest, most creative, and laser-focused people we can find.

Our product is now going international and expanding globally into the UK, Canada and beyond. We’re looking for mid-career or expert-level professionals who want to grow with us, who need very little direction and ramp-up time, and who are uncompromising in their desire to create and market the best product possible. If this is you, then we want to meet you.

Roku Employees

A culture defined by creativity and drive.

Roku’s culture is one where high performers are valued and greatness is actively rewarded. Here, innovators can thrive and create game-changing, best-in-class work. It doesn’t matter which department you work in; our environment is one where your contributions are noticed and you feel challenged to make each day more incredible than the last.

When you join us, you’ll see the results of a company that encourages self-expression and creativity, that isn’t afraid of a challenge and rewards intensely focused professionals. You’ll also gain access to a number of benefits and perks that make putting yourself into your work more than worth it.

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